This story as well as the famous ship did not give us very much of sleep and we decided to build a copy of this ship. We wanted to build it not only as it used to look like but also with the same materials and in the same place where this famous ship was built 338 years ago, i.e. in the bay near La Cieba on the Honduras coast. The wood used included the Santa Maria wood for the frame and the Pine for the sheathing.
Our Black Pearl was constructed according to a primitive drawing by one of the sea robbers, who was sailing this ship. We began to build the ship in October 2005 and we suppose to finish it in February 2007. We seem to be able to finish it 10 months sooner than the famous sea robber Henry Morgan did thanks to the modern technology in particular. We spent a lot of time drawing and designing the ship, constructing and paying attention to all the details, which we want to preserve. Details include 6 bronze functional cannons, handmade canvases and ropes, a handmade metal-tipped anchor and also the sheathing impregnated by hot blood from oxen. This ship is designed for the purposes of tourism with a capacity of 70 tourists and 8 crew members who can live comfortably there. The ship has 2 luxury cabins with a well-furnished bathroom and a toilet, two other smaller cabins and a cabin for a crew. It also has an equipped kitchen, which is on the bow of Black Pearl. The ship also offers 2 public toilets for men and women.
Our ship has 5 huge canvases and is 27 meters long and 7 meters wide. A main pole is 25 meters high and a standby pole is 18 meters high. The ship is fitted with a Liaz diesel engine (with 6 cylinders) and the TATRA gearbox to go to and to leave the port. Supply of the water in its underdeck is 10,000 liters and it also serves as a load of the ship. The ship has 3 decks and an underdeck. We believe that you will be as enthusiastic as we are after seeing this new pearl of the Caribbean Sea.